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Creating workflow in SharePoint designer and using it in SharePoint 2010

I created and published a reusable workflow in SharePoint Designer for a site and I need to add it to a list on the subsites. But when I go to the subsites, in SharePoint 2010, I do not see that workflow on the drop down menu. This workflow has to be made on the site because the action is copy current item on the list located on the site (Not located on the subsites).

I was under impression that site workflow can be used for any list on the subsites too. How can I resolve this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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I found the answer for my question, the workflow should be created and used for the lists on the same site.

I have another question: how can I create a workflow that if any items updated in the original list, that would get updated in the destination list too? Right now it adds another event in the destination list instead of updating it? (Old and updated events show on the destination list)

Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks