How do I enable a Toshiba Protege Z30 to access USB ports on Toshiba Port Replicator 3

I have bough a new Toshiba Protégé Z30 laptop (windows 7) and a Port Replicator 3.  The port replicator works fine for my monitor but none of the USB ports work for a wired keyboard or mouse.  Plugging the keyboard and mouse directly into the laptop works fine but they cannot be found plugged into the port replicator.

I followed the instructions to plug all the devices into the replicator first, then attach the shutdown laptop and boot it via the replicator.  The monitor works but none of the usb ports.

The mouse is an optical mouse. I have noticed that when I boot the laptop via the replicator, for a few seconds the mouse optical red light is illuminated correctly but very quickly is turned off as the boot process continues.  I assume this means the laptop is disabling the use of the usb ports on the replicator and that the power to the usb ports is off.

I have tried a number of internet searches and it seems t be a recurring problem but I cannot find a solution.

I have updated all the USB drivers and the laptop BIOS (some of the online suggestions), all with no success.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
You are missing drivers, add them and you should be good to go
AlistairSteedAuthor Commented:
Hi David

I do not know any more drivers I could need.  I have attached my USB driver snapshot.
Which drivers do you think I need?

both mouse and keyboard work if they are plugged into the laptop directly.

Any ideas?

check in the power settings of the usb root hub if the system is set to turn off power - for power saving
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AlistairSteedAuthor Commented:

I tried changing all the power settings on the drivers and also the power saving options from the control panel.  

All the changes did not help.

I finally made contact with Toshiba Technical Support who decided after a long discussion that the port replicator 3 was faulty and needed to be replaced.  They thought the chip in the replicator controlling the usb ports was probably faulty.

I should have a replacement port replicator within a few days.  I will update this question if the replacement replicator resolves the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
AlistairSteedAuthor Commented:
My final update on this issue.

The replacement Port Replicator made no difference so that ruled out a hardware problem.

To cut a long story short, I started turning everything on and off that I could and it turned out that disabling the internal USB 3.0 controller resolved the issue.  I di this using the HWSETUP utility found in the TOSHIBA>Tools & Utility folder by selecting the HSB tab (or probably by editing the BIOS directly (F2 while powering on the laptop)).

This allowed the laptop to see the replicator usb ports on a system reload so it installed the drivers again.  Unfortunately, this was not a "one use" fix.  If I enable the internal usb 3.0 controller, the same problem returns.

I think this means that the usb 3.0 ports on the laptop do not function (usb 2.0 ports seems to work ok) unless the internal usb 3.0 controller is enabled.  I have not tried every conceivable combination of events yet but it seems a little silly that I need to reconfigure my laptop between docked or undocked for everything to work.  Fortunately it is not a big problem for me but it may be for other users.  Maybe there will be a new drivers to resolve the issue at sometime.

If anyone finds a better solution I would be pleased to hear about it.

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AlistairSteedAuthor Commented:
My solution seems to defeat the point of a docking station somewhat.  Toshiba Technical Support didn't have knowledge of the problem or could offer a solution.
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