I want to disable NETBIOS over TCP/IP  on my SQL server.

Being that it is a security risk to our network what are the ramifications if I disable this on my servers?

I know it is needed on Exchange 2007, but if I do it on individual servers > Ethernet Properties > WINS > Disable NETBIOS over TCP/IP, what will the ramifications be and how will affect other servers SQL needs to contact?

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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Good question, how the other servers would react depends on the fact if they need this legacy (as in old) technology where devices registered on the network with names containing max 15 characters. It was mainly used for connecting to names instead of ip-addresses, so if your DNS is working fine and the applications/servers aren't relics from the past, I don't see any issues for SQL.

Except for maybe clustering, I believe for that to work NetBIOS over IP needs to be enabled...
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