DC Upgrade; keep the name?


We currently have a Windows 2008R2 DC that we are planning on demoting & decommissioning.
We'll then stand up a 2012 machine and make this the new DC.

Question: if I name the new machine the same as the old one with the same exact IP configuration, what are the issues I am facing here?
Good idea?  Bad?

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Ben HartCommented:
It's a new computer, new guid so AD will see it as a new  host.  The only things you will really need to watch out for are updating DNS as far as I can think right now.

Is the 2k8 dc the last DC in your domain?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
if this is the only domain controller, you need to make the 2012 system a DC and transfer FSMO roles and any other services (DHCP) before removing the 2008 server

unless there is a specific reason for keeping the name, give it something different
you will need to also change any dependencies on client systems like DNS servers to point to the 2012 server (or any others if they exist) before removing the 2008 server
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