Windows server 2003 CAL licenses


I have a windows server 2003 with 15 employee computers connecting to it (although not always at the same time).

I've recently started getting the message on a couple of computers :
No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept.

After this message basically the computer cannot connect to the server anymore.

Looking in the event log of the server I found :
No license was available for user **** using product FilePrint .  Use Licensing from the Administrative Tools folder to ensure that you have sufficient licenses.;
License usage for product Windows Server is nearing the maximum number of per server licenses purchased. Consult Licensing from the Administrative Tools folder for more information.

As I looked in the licensing section of the server I found that I have :

Installed Licenses : 10
Maximum usage : 18

Firstly, I don't understand how I can have 18 as a usage if I only have 15 computers;

in terms of the installed licenses, does 10 mean that I can only have 10 employees connecting at once? If that's the case then how is it letting us connect 15 at a time? At which point does it start refusing connections?
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FCapoAuthor Commented:
This doesn't apply as I don't have a web edition of windows server 2003
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