Exchange 2007 Subject Line Search

Running the powershell command

get-mailbox -database "MailboxDB" | export-mailbox -Subjectkeywords "Oracle" -TargetMailbox "rrequest" -TargetFolder "Test Query"

In my Inbox I have an Email with Oracle in the subject line.  I have created an Exchange 2007 mailbox user called rrequest and when I execute the command it does indeed show at the command line messages have been found.  When I open the user rrequest I see the Folder Test Query has been created and it contains my personal Inbox as well as all of my subfolders, but there are no messages in any folder and I have one in my personal account with Oracle in the subject line.  The command executes and shows no errors.

Exchange 2007 SP2

Any thoughts?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
This is the correct results that you are seeing. It searches the entire mailbox as you have not specified any exclusions. This will create the directory tree based on the users mailbox and the sub folders with in it, even if there are no items that were found with your Key Words.

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