Make a Red Hat Linux partition - 1) with no file system, 2) not mountable and 3) not in /etc/fstab

<--- Linux novice.

I want to create a basic RH Linux (or CentOS) server in VMware ESXi.

I need to create a very specific partition:
1) 11 gig
2) no file system
3) no mountable
4) not in the /etc/fstab file

Because I have almost no experience with Linux, I need either the steps in the GUI install of RH or CentOS linux how to set up that partition, or the walk through of all the commands to set that partition up.

I have ESXi set up and imported the CentOS 7.0 Everything ISO into the datastore.

Thank you,
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It wont be a partition, it will basically be 11GB of free space.  If you need to create a partition out of it, that usually entails creating a filesystem.
When you are installing RH, you can check a box to tell it you want to specify the disk structure.  Simply leaving 11GB free on the disk should give you what you are asking.
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:

I will give it a try now.
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TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:

I realized I do have to do 2 more things:
1) I have to partition it (again with no formatting)
2) And "maybe" give it a label.

Is this possible?
Well, half way.. although I don't have a disk to test on, I can try to help from memory.  You can create the partition but you can not label it because that is a function of a filesystem.

If the device is /dev/sdb (you have to use whatever the drive is on your system) then try this:

fdisk /dev/sdb

Then you will be at a prompt that says "Command (m for help)"

Enter "n" at that prompt to create a new partition.

Then it will ask "primary or extended".  Since I am unsure of what your doing I don't know how you need to answer this.  

You can select the default for the next question which is partition number.

First sector should be the first open part of the disk, so you can leave that dfault as well.

On last sector you can put 11G for 11 gigabytes.

Then you will be back at the Command prompt.  Type w to write the new partition table.

Now you have a new partition without a filesystem.
You can create empty filesystem with LVM or fdisk command lines.
All visual tools kind of try to make it filesystem. Also look into rawdevices package.
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:
That worked, thank you.

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