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Sync Program similar to skydrive / googledrive to my server

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I'm looking for a program similar to Skydrive / Google Drive where it creates a folder and anytime the user puts a file/folder into this folder the next time they have Internet access it automatically syncs up with their users folder on the server. It would be a plus if this program started like a service or on boot up so the user does absolutely nothing but put files/folders into the "SYNC" folder.

I had a FTP setup sync setup, but everyone keeps forgetting to open the program and clicking sync so it never updates the files on the server and then their notebook crashes and data is gone.
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Dropbox and Copy both do that, but I don't know if they run on servers. They work great on individual desktops.


Yeah, originally I thought something similar to that just to many users and can not install 20x instances of dropbox. Also to much data that they do not want to share back and forth between different users to use 1 single account.
Syncback SE and Syncback Pro both do what you want.  (Syncback Free does not).  They can be set to start as a service whenever Windows is started, so the user doesn't have to remember to start the app up.

You can set it to monitor any number of folders (or just one), and automatically copy files to the server when they are changed or added to those folders.  It can also retain past versions, if you like.   And, it can be set to back up those folders (and other folders, as you choose) on a schedule as well.  There are numerous options for the backups (mirror, one-way sync, two-way sync, etc.)

And here's something I really like:  You can give it DIFFERENT network credentials than the user has, so that it can write to the user's backup directory on the server, but the user can't.  That way, if the user's machine gets infected with something like Cryptolocker, Cryptolocker doesn't have the credentials to encrypt the backups on the server that were created by Syncback.

Another thing I like is that it can be set to WAIT a few seconds (or some other period of time) after there have been no further changes in the monitored directory before copying from the monitored directory.  

In other words:
Notice change.
Wait for several seconds to pass with no activity.
THEN copy what's changed.

This is so that if the user is writing or changing a HUGE file (or a whole bunch of files), Syncback doesn't start copying it before the file(s)  have been fully written.

I use Syncback heavily, and I think it's great.  

It's at http://www.2brightsparks.com


I didn't know Syncback SE could do that and we having use it too. Thought it would only run a schedule.


I assume FTP setup (would be the least amount of user interaction), and I see under when "Changes" and select "Run this profile when any files or directories are changed on source" and "Run this profile when any files or directories are changed on destination", but where do you find "Wait for several seconds to pass with no activity"?
It's the option "Wait a number of seconds" in the Changes profile settings page.


Ah, I just verified that option is only available in the PRO and note SE.
That doesn't sound right.  According to this chart on their site, it's available in SE:


"When running a profile because of file or folder changes then can set how long to wait with no changes before running profile       
Pro: Yes  
SE:  Yes  
Free: No"

Are you sure you're running the latest  version of SE?


You are correct I'm running an older version 5.20.00 and I believe they are on 6.* now.