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Renaming a computer on a domain

I have a computer on a domain called gold.local.  The computer's name is Backup-PC.  That PC is being re-purposed and placed into a conference room.  So I want to change the name to Conference-PC.  After I put my credentials to authorize the change I get the following error:

User generated imageI'm not changing the domain name - I'm changing the computer name.  Not sure how to get past this problem.
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Perhaps the fastest way would be to unjoin from the domain, change the name and then join back up again.  The Windows 8 computer is Windows 8 Pro, correct?  No identifier means Windows 8 Home which won't join a domain.
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Well, it's already joined to the domain, it is pro:

User generated image
I'll disconnect from the domain, rename, and try to join back to the domain and let you know how that works.
Can you access the domain controller via network share?

Is your time correct?  Is the DNS server set correctly?  Is the netlogon service running?
Yes and Yes.
Any chance you're having intermittent connection issues to the domain controller?  Do you have any packet loss if you issue:

Is the DNS server set correctly?

I went back and checked this and guess what, it was wrong.  Changed it and voila, works like a charm.  Odd that nothing else seemed to suffer.  Ha!