Exchange Online Outlook 2013 - can't load Constant Contact add-on?

Is there some kind of add-on support limitations with Outlook 2013? I think the version I have installed is one downloaded from the where I sign in and ran the software for desktop.
Is this not full Outlook 2013? Version 15.0.4701.1002

I'm finding that when trying to load the Constant Contact importer add-on, it will not show up in add-ons. I can't find it anywhere to enable. I logged into Constant Contact, downloaded the add-on for Outlook and ran the installer.

For a minute I saw the add-no when I ran Outlook with Administrator privileges, but there was a yellow toolbar griping about disabling for some bizarre performance reasons or something.
Uninstalled Constant Contact then re-installed, can't even get it to show anymore. The "Add-ins" menu also doesn't even show at the top of Outlook.
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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Sounds like the add-on is getting automatically disabled by Outlook. Try the steps under the Enabling inactive Outlook add-ins that keep being unloaded section in this link:
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Ok so apparently, I read on one of their other pages, that their QuickImport add-on is not compatible with Outlook 2013.

Is there another contact/e-mail solution out there that has a compatible Outlook 2013 add-on and allows people to login to the site to view the contacts as well? You know, something ideal for like, 4 employees or so to share those contacts but also get them into their Outlook add-on? I considered SalesForce, but that might be too complicated for these users.
Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
Salesforce is not that difficult for business users after integration with an email marketing platform. You, as the sys admin, or whatever your role for that group of users need to set guidelines as to what goes in and comes out of the CRM. Outlook is an okay contact management solution; but it requires heavy mods on the backend to work as a sales tool with shared contacts (if you wanted it to perform near the same level as an enterprise CRM). Salesforce will allow you to set ownership rules on accounts/contacts/leads and you can setup and restrict access to those records.

But, if the end goal is to enable a shared database for sales or customer service contact. I'd suggest Salesforce paired with a lower tier email marketing platform (there are a lot of cheaper-than-Microsoft solutions out there). While emails may look formatted and templated in Constant Contact, they aren't going to look professional when sent through Outlook since Outlook tends to strip out a lot of formatting and adds in its own bloat-html.

As for your original question about sharing contacts among users, doesn't Outlook already have the feature to grant address book permissions between users?

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garryshapeAuthor Commented:
This was me helping an acquaintance not really in a sys admin capacity. It's one of those "tales from tech support" type of scenarios you'd read about on Reddit, and I'm done with it. Never again! They are on their own post homestead to O365 migration that I helped with to find products/services for customer management.
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