Change AD and DNS server but old DNS server keeps showing up

We have moved our active directory and dns server from a windows 2003 server to a 2012 server. I removed the dns server role from the 2003 server and the AD role from it as well.  However, I had to manually set each machine in our building to point to the new dns server IP address.  

There has to be something I missed, even though I slavishly followed the steps recommended by Microsoft's technet to do this move.  I am OK with having to set this manually in this small environment, but I would much rather know why the issue is happening and how to fix it.

Any ideas?
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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Are the machines all getting their IP addresses through DHCP? If so, it sounds like you need to update the DNS Server settings for the DHCP scope.
mjburgardAuthor Commented:
DHCP comes through our router and not our server.  WIll look at the router, but I don't think it has the dns settings on it.
mjburgardAuthor Commented:
That did the trick - there was a setting buried under a lot of layers of menus that had the old DNS server on it.  That has now fixed the problem.

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