Department ID/PIN not working on Canon iR Adv C5250 Copier in Server 2012

I am migrating from an SBS 2003 server to Server 2012 R2  Hyper-V host with multiple Server 2012 R2 VMs. I am well along the path and getting near to be able to completely decommission the old server. One of the last things that I need to do is move the Head Office copier/printer across the the new server.

The printer is a Canon imageRUNNER Advance C2520.

I have added the Print Server role to the new server, downloaded the driver and added the printer. I have managed to get the printer deployed using Group Policy and it appears on my workstation.
I can happily print from the server, even with Department ID/PIN enabled, but I can only print from the workstation as long as I have Department ID/PIN disabled in the drivers settings on the server. If Department ID/PIN is enabled, I am forced to enter a dept ID at the workstation and then it fails to verify the ID/PIN and the job is cancelled.

A Google search led me to install the Canon Driver Information Assist Service on the server. Apparently this is required for the Dept ID stuff to work. However, it does not appear to have helped in this situation.

I noticed that many of the options in the driver were greyed out on the workstation, so I thought it might have been an account permissions thing. When I log into the workstation as a domain admin, all the driver options become available again (i.e. nothing is greyed out) but it still does not verify the Dept ID/PIN.

If I add the printer locally, by adding a new TCP/IP port at the IP address of the printer, and use the same driver that I put on the server, it works perfectly even with Dept ID/PIN enabled.

So it seems that I could go around to each workstation and manually add the printer, but I am trying to use GP to automate this sort of stuff and to keep things consistent.

Has anyone seen this before and been able to resolve it? Or can think of something else to try?

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The ID/PIN combination should be the same on the machine when users want to make a copy or scan to their email address, if you don't have a valid ID/PIN registered on the device it won't print.

There is nothing wrong with your settings on the Server or Client, you must enter (have) these on the Device itself.

When you open the properties for the printer driver, select Device Settings, at the bottom of the screen select Use Department ID Management and click on Settings on the right side.  This will open a window where Allow PIN Settings should be selected, now in Department ID enter a valid ID registered already in the Printer, then the password, click on Verify to make sure you have the right info.  The rest is at your discretion, you can just leave "Confirm Department ID/PIN When Printing"  this will require the PIN for all prints, "Do not Use...... When B&W Printing"  will request/use PIN only when color printing, the last option will require a manual input of the PIN/ID at the Printer itself.

Hope that helps!!1
gregmiller4itAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks for that, but I must not have been clear enough in my question. I am migrating from an existing SBS 2003 server to Server 2012 R2. The old server has been in place for quite a few years. We have had this printer for at least a few years and the previous one was also very similar. We have been using The dept ID/PIN feature ever since our very first copier (before we even installed the first server). We have configured them in the printer and have to enter the credentials at the copier to copy and/scan.
On our old server we have had the Dept ID/Pin feature working correctly.
You are correct in your explanation....and that is exactly how it should work (and does through the old server) but Not via the new server. It works if I print directly from the new server, but not if I print from a workstation using the new server as the print server.
So any other ideas?
gregmiller4itAuthor Commented:
So, the local printer service guy turned up today. I had rung them to see if they could help and was expecting an email, but they sent out the tech instead. We confirmed the fault. Then we deleted the printer on the new server and reinstalled using the setup program instead of the manually installing the driver. There must have been some behind-the-scenes stuff going on that the setup program looks after. Anyway it works like it should now.

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gregmiller4itAuthor Commented:
See my last post
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