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How to find the route and understand the devices


It would be a foolish question sometimes but i really want a proper answer for this.

I am working for a pretty large enterprise customer and very new to this set up.Even in the first day itself i need to check and allow some RDP for some users..

My question is how do i find whether the user traffic is passing via firewall(Checkpoint),Some times there might be some intervlan communication and traffic not even come to check point..

I know its not much relevant thing still expect some answers..
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Well... That's a broad question...

If you want to know if the traffic is passing the firewall, like in a scenario where it should pass the firewall, you could connect to the management of this firewall and watch the logs (Checkpoint has the necessary software for this where you can filter logs for specific traffic).

If you'd like to know what 'path' a client is taking to reach a certain endpoint you can use a tool like 'trace route', this tool is available on most Operating Systems, it allows you to see what 'junctions' traffic takes to reach the endpoint.

It only works if it really needs to traverse routing points or passes vlans naturally ...

You could do this from the start, doing this you'll be able to see where traffic passes, even the firewall ...

Try it from a client by doing a trace route to both external sources (e.g website) and internal servers (e.g server).

If you need more info...
run a traceroute and note the ip addresses, you should see the checkpoint and all routers in between.

Do you even have routers or layer 3 switches on the inside?


Thanks for your reply,It was my first post here and good to know somebdy here to answer........sometimes traceroute is not showing the firewall ip addresses in between albeit we must need to allow traffic in firewall..