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How to tell if website is offering illegal or pirated software?

I was asked by someone in my company to download Adobe 8.0 Professional to install on windows 8.1. ( i know it wont work with W7 let alone w8) But the website he sent me is from Australia and we are in the US. This website says it's free and gives you a product code. When I look at the adobe website it doesn't say anything about it being free. But that the downloads are to be used to reinstall if you have lost your media. But that you will have to have previously purchased the product and have a key. So my question is - is this pirated software? Something about this just bothers me. Here's the website
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Short story:

Adobe stuffed up.

Long story:

Adobe closed the verification servers and posted all of the applications on their site plus the serial numbers.  They didn't originally explain what was going on so there was a lot of assuming the software was free.  A lot of people downloaded the stuff and it got posted all over the Net and there are a huge amount of links leading to those applications.  Afterwards they put up the explanations and they have closed down a lot of links leading to those applications using the DMCA to close those links.

See for examples of those DMCA notices.
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So I was right to be cautious. Thank you. Is there a way to see if this site has been reported and had a complaint filed?
Not aware of any way to do that.

But every tech site around promoted the download when it appeared.

For example Gizmodo - fairly well known techy site.


Some of them corrected their posts, many didn't.

If you put "free adobe cs2" into Google you'll get page after page of articles about the software.
Well thank you. Just knowing I was correct in my thinking and gut feeling helps alot. Now to see how the boss takes the news.