In DHCP, how do you add more than one value in the Scope Options 066 (Boot Server Host Name)? For making a secondary WDS server.

Hi guys

We have a windows deployment server which we use here, that gets its boot details form our dhcp server. So we have the IP address of this server set up in the  Boot Server Host Name in the Scope Options. I wanted to build a second deployment server, if at all possible on the same network. Sadly when I connect more than one PC at a time to get an image installed, the PC crashes sadly.

Do you know how to add another IP address in the string value section of the Boot Server Host Name? Do I have to add a comma after the current IP and then add our secondary one? Or can you not have more than one value in there?

Thank you
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Guy LidbetterCommented:
I don't believe you can have multiple SFTP sources in option 66...

However you could probably use a load balanced VIP for the option?

The other option, which is actually recommended by Microsoft is to use IP- Helpers or broadcast forwarders on your switch.

I just found this article which may help explain things...
YashyAuthor Commented:
Thank you again. Apologies for the delay
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