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Constant contact sign up form for custom site

Hi have a custom site and I'm looking for a cool way for people to sign up to my newsletter.  I want a fly-in or pop out email sign-up.  I use constant contact for emailing.  I see lots of plugins like this for Wordpress but can I find a cool script somewhere for a custom site?
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There is nothing cool about popups in sites.
You can publish RSS feed and people can subscribe/unsubscribe at will.
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CC has an API and robust developer tool sets.  But getting people to sign up for email newsletters is not about getting then to visit your web site (that was a thing in 2005, but those days are long gone).  Signups take place across all media today and CC has excellent guidance on the subject.

They also have a public API (open source).

And they host a signup sheet of their own, visible on most of their web pages.  If it were my task, I would emulate what they do -- they are experts in the business!