Help recover data from outlook for mac 2011

I have a client who uses outlook for mac 2011. He has 3 accounts, a exchange account, a imap account and a pop account. Outlook was not working and when we went into the account settings it would just show a white screen or freeze up. I tried repairing the database but that didn't help. I created a new profile and setup all 3 accounts and that works great. The problem is I need the data from the one POP3 account that was in the old profile. I can get into the old profile not cannot remove the imap and exchange accounts since I cannot get into the accounts screen. I tried doing an export without removing those accounts and it crashes outlook. Is there anyway to pull the old data just from the data files stored on the computer ?
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WiddleAviAuthor Commented:
Was not able to find a solution for this problem
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Mac's need the Disk Utility, Repair Permissions run on a fairly regular basis and it is one of the first things to try, always.  Have you done that?
Did you create a new profile or a new user?
WiddleAviAuthor Commented:
Was unable to find a solution for this
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