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Windows explorer in detail view of a file folder containing .msg files, allows adding columns in detail view for date sent and date received.  There is an arrow on the data column that allows for sorting by these fields, but the actual date is not revealed as it is in columns like date created.  Is it possible to display the dates?  View of explorer page is attached.
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Tony PittCommented:
Assuming your .msg files were the result of saving a message from Outlook to a local folder, then the answer is no (at least, not simply and automatically).  If you look at the properties of such a file, and in particular at the Details tab, you will see that those fields do not exist for the files and that's why the data isn't shown in Explorer.  The list of attributes you can add includes a lot which aren't relevant to files in Explorer and therefore appears to be for use in several different applications, including Outlook.

(I verified this with Office 2013 on Windows 8.1; you might potentially get a different situation with different versions.)

Finally, when I said "not simply and automatically" above, I was allowing for the possibility that you find an application that would set these attributes on such files from their contents.  I don't actually know of one, but I suspect it would be possible to write one ...

NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Doesn't pertain to question at hand but related to searching .msg files. I haven't tried it but this might help you:
How can I make Windows also search inside msg-files which I’ve got stored?
Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Outlook saved mail (.msg file) indexing. This Add-in enables you to easily find all Microsoft Outlook .msg files
...allows you to perform a search on all elements of your MSG (.MSG) files including Message Body; Subject; From; From Name; From Address; To Name; To Address; CC Name; CC Address; Doc Title Prefix; Sent Date; Received Date; Primary Date; Conversation ID; Attachment Names and will indicate if an attachment is present within the .MSG. Additionally, content within attachments are indexed and searched

Personally, I use X1 Search (no affiliation). X1 indexes the pst file itself.
creote47Author Commented:
Disappointing.  Searchable and sortable means the field exists.  I'm mystified that the field contents are hidden.
Tony PittCommented:
I'm not sure you understand what I wrote above - apologies if I wasn't clear.

Absolutely anything in a file is searchable and sortable, if the program doing the searching is capable of reading the contents of the file.  It would appear from my tests that Windows Explorer is not capable of reading (for which, I really simply mean "has not been coded to read) the contents of .msg files.  I suspect that all it reads is the filename and the file properties.  I think it's clear that it would become an enormously bloated program if it could read the contents of every type of file that exists.  As far as Explorer is concerned, the field isn't hidden - it isn't there at all - whereas Outlook knows the format and structure of the content of the .msg file and finds the information in there.

So I guess that really means that it's Outlook that's at fault for not putting the date sent and date receive into the file properties when the message is saved to a file, though that doesn't change the situation which leaves you unable to do what you want.



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creote47Author Commented:
I now understand the answer/explanation.  I guess where I'm out of my depth, is that explorer can sort by date received, but can not display the information.  If it is doing a query to sort by date, (see attached file), then why can't it display the information, since it can find and sort?
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