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ASP.Net VB - Curl API

brasso_42 asked

I'm trying to use a curl API in my ASP.Net application (VB).  I've read a few articles but cant seem to get any of them to work.

The manual for the API is here:

I need to use a token then if I could do a simple get account list I'm sure I could figure the rest out from there.

Could any one please help me with some sample code?

Many thanks!!
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Senior Developer
This is not a Curl API. It's something like a web service REST style.

Curl is only used in the doc to show how it works. So you simply can do it with a WebClient.

You need to understand how it works, then implementing it is easy. So install Fiddler on your development system and curl. Then exercise it with curl and your credentials. Fiddler shows you what is going on behind the scenes on the http layer. Then you can replay this with WebClient.