How can i fix the problem rndc: 'freeze' failed: not found

Added new IP space to my master nameserver.  

Created the zone files, edited named.conf to add the /22, edited named.masterzones.conf to include the files.  

Did the same on both of my slave servers to accept the transfers properly.  (of course the masterzones.conf file is named slavezones.conf)  

Done this hundreds of times in the past.    

When i went to edit andy of the newly created zone files  I entered the following command:

rndc freeze <

got the following message:

rndc: 'freeze' failed: not found

tried adding   "in" to the end...didn't work  

Oh.  BTW I also restarted named, ran named-checkconf and named-checkzone, rndc reconfig and rndc status.   All seems to be well.  

The zone files will not transfer to the slave servers.   Its like they are not even there.

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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
You say you tried adding "in" to the end, like how?

Something like this: "rndc freeze IN internal"  or external
Try adding the -V option to rndc for verbose logging, it might give you a better idea of what is wrong.
Jan SpringerCommented:
and is that a typo or copy/paste?
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marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
Running the command with the -V option:

create memory context
create socket manager
create task manager
create task
create logging context
setting log tag
creating log channel
enabling log channel
create parser
get key
decode base64 secret
post event
using server (
create socket
bind socket
create message
render message
schedule recv
send message
parse message
create message
render message
schedule recv
send message
parse message
rndc: 'freeze' failed: not found
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:

rndc freeze  in


rndc freeze in internal

neither worked.
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
???? Jan
Jan SpringerCommented:
that's exactly correct.  let me see if i can find anything else that might cause this.
Jan SpringerCommented:
are you calling your views "internal" and "external"?

have you tried the external view?
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
i havent, simply because I've done this hundreds of times in the past with other zone files on the servers and it works on other files.  I just tested it again with others on the same master server, All good.
Jan SpringerCommented:
so, is it a problem with any zone on this server or just this zone on this server?
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
Just the newly added block...  /22

As I said above, ive edited all the correct files   named.conf to add the block.   named.masterzones.conf to add the include files  mapped to /var/named/data  (slaves) on the slave servers.   Ran all of the proper checks.

Jan SpringerCommented:
and no errors from named-checkzone?

what do the log files say -- anything?
Jan SpringerCommented:
also, is this zone a master or a slave?

and, if master, does it work with the external zone?
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
No, no errors at all.  logfiles say nothing.   I do see however that the new zones did not load, or transfer.

Master.   Its not sending to the Slaves....   tried external...failed:  not found.
Jan SpringerCommented:
so there's a problem with the zone.  what are the regular permissions?  

if running selinux, what are those permissions?

did you by verify the zone name in named.conf with the actual file name?
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
LOL...well here's the funny thing.  

When doing a:

ls -rflst    in /var/named/data  (which is where my zone files are located)....The new files are     root:root   some of the old files are root:root    some of the files are named:named.  

all permissions are set to


Which is actually correct?
Jan SpringerCommented:
chown root:named, chmod 640

You are not chrooted?
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
Sorry don't know what chrooted means??
Jan SpringerCommented:
That your dns configuration is isolated from the rest of the system.  It's another layer of security.
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
No... btw tried what  you suggested....didn't work
Jan SpringerCommented:
i think there is something wrong with the zone file itself.

is there any information when you run named-checkzone?
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I am running it wrong.   can you give me the exact syntax??
Jan SpringerCommented:
named-checkzone ZONE /path/to/filename


named-checkzone /var/named/data/
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
Turns out that the path somehow got changed from



/var/named/chroot/var/named/data  for the new zone files.   No idea how that happened but i know what to look to for in the future.

Thanks Jan.

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Jan SpringerCommented:
yes, /var/named/chroot/var/named/data is if you're chrooted.
marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
Her thoughts led to the solution.
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