need to add a shared mailbox and distribution list with the same email

hey there,

I need to create a shared mailbox with a distribution list attached as well so users will have shard access, send as, etc.  the dept also wants it to be a dist list with users attached to that list.  

should I create a shared mailbox in exchange EMC with the new user ?  I'll need to create a password by default (there's no way around this ?) and give it an email address.

I then create a dist list in exchange and give it the same name?

step 3 add the group to AD and add the AD users to the mail enabled group?

can you let me know if this is right?


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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Additional account in to Outlook is my preferred way to do it, rather than adding it as an additional mailbox. It not only puts the Sent Items in the right place, but gives you notifications and correctly populates the from field. There is a registry modification to change the behaviour of Sent Items when using the additional mailbox method, but the recommended way is additional account.

Guy LidbetterCommented:
Hi Metalfubar,

You cannot have the same email address for two objects... it will have to be different.

I'd recommend....

Mail Enabled Sec group :

Add the users to the Sec group and apply full access rights to the group.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
What is the purpose of the distribution group?
In most cases when I see a request like this, it is simply to have emails sent to the group delivered to everyone, plus a copy in the group.

If that is requirement, then you have two options.

1. Create the mailbox, then create another group (hidden) and enable a store and forward on the mailbox with the recipient being the group.

2. If you are using Outlook 2010 or higher, skip the group and just have the shared mailbox added as an additional ACCOUNT. That way they will get the notifications of new emails to the shared mailbox, sent items stored in the correct place etc.

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metalfubarAuthor Commented:
ok these are great.  can I not have the mailbox be connected to a user and connect it to a dist list?  I do need a shared mailbox with a dist list attached to it.  the users need send as, full permissions in outlook.  

Is there no way to have it the same


can you explain the hidden group and enabled store option?  I would like to not have to add a separate account in outlook because a few users are external contacts only.

thanks a lot,

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
"Is there no way to have it the same"

How would Exchange know where to deliver the email to?
Email addresses are a unique object within Exchange, they cannot be duplicated.

Furthermore, as you want Send As permissions, that is done easiest with a mailbox.

As for store and forward, there isn't much more that I can say about it. It is exactly as I have stated.
As you want to include external recipients then that is the only option available to you.

Guy LidbetterCommented:
Hi Metalfubar.

I gather what you want is for the users that are internal to have full access to the mailbox with Send AS permissions.
You also want the email to be forwarded to each member, including external members of the group?

Then I would suggest this configuration:

Mail Enabled Sec group : sharedteam_Group with email (or something similar)

Add the internal users and the contacts to this security group.

Grant Full access permission to the Mailbox for the SEC group
Add-MailboxPermission -Identity sharedteam -User sharedteam_Group -AccessRights FullAccess

Open in new window

Grant Send As Rights to the mailbox for the Sec Group
Add-ADPermission "sharedteam" -User "sharedteam_Group" -Extendedrights "Send As"

Open in new window

Open the Shared Mailbox and go to delivery options. Enable forwarding to the Security Groups email and tick Deliver to both forwarding address and Mailbox.

What this will do...

1. When any internal member of the group opens Outlook, the shared mailbox will open as part of their profile (an additional mailbox on the left action pane, where their 'Inbox' is).
2. If an email is sent to the shared mailbox, every member including contacts and the mailbox will receive a copy in their inbox.
3. Internal members will be able to Send As the mailbox. They could also just select the mailbox in the left action bar in Outlook and the sent from will default to that mailbox.

Hope this helps

metalfubarAuthor Commented:
i implemented the shared mailbox with send as and full permissions and it works great.  I created the dist list and forwarded to the team as appropriate in exchange emc.  Is there any way to copy sent items to the sent folder of the shared mailbox without adding an excnange account to outlook?

I opted to hide this dist list and not do sec enabled.
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