FIber cable and accessories Requirements

Hello and thank you for your time.

I have SFP module and planing to purchase material base on the sfp i have. i need your help to make sure all i plan to get will fit togheter.

The lenght of the fiber cable requirement  from point A to point B is 800 feet, going in underground conduit with manhole.
My SFP's are cisco GLC-SX-MMD Dual LC

I have ordered the following

OM2, 6 strand outdoor plenum Fiber optic multimode cable, 50/125
Fiber termination box wall mount that can acomodate 6 fiber strands, with duplex LC conector
FIber patch cord Duplex LC multimode 50/125
Fiber pigtail 50/125 with LC conector

Am i missing anything ? will all of this works ?
My SFP should be good for that distance(800feet) on a 50 micron cable with 850 wavelenght right ?

please let me know what you think, thanks a lot for your time guys
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Bryant SchaperCommented:
they wont slice, they will directly attach to the connector.  So no pigtail needed, but I did realize my mistake, you will need a
fIber patch cord that is Duplex LC multimode 50/125 to SC

just going to give you an ebay link, it has pictures of both, normally the panel will have SC connectors, which is what the picture looks like, the LC is small, about as wide as the SFP, if you have that handy you will see what I mean, will not fit.  You may also consider, LC to ST, which is the twist lock style.

SFP --> LC 2 SC Patch Cable --> SC Fiber Patch Panel --> Outdoor Cable --> SC Fiber Patch Panel --> SC 2 LC Patch Cable --> SFP
Bryant SchaperCommented:
You look good, over 50 micron you can go 550m, so 1800 ft for so.

Are you terminating yourself, it can be tricky if you never have.
monsieurxAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply Bryant,
I will have a contractor terminating the fiber.
SO you confirm that i'll be fine with all the items that i have lined up and the SFp's ?
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Bryant SchaperCommented:
Yes, except the pigtail, you are just using the patch cables in this case, 1 and each end.  I will also say, that if you read the cisco documentents, they will recommend a mode conditioning patch cable, but I have never used one or seen a need, and have many fiber connections.

I sometimes prefer to let the vendor handle the facility cabling, especially if you want them to warranty/certify it, which i woudl recommend if they can do it.

You design is something like this:

SFP --> LC 2 TC Patch Cable --> Fiber Patch Panel --> Outdoor Cable --> Fiber Patch Panel --> LC 2 LC Patch Cable --> SFP
monsieurxAuthor Commented:
I see,

because i had in mind they splice the fiber cable to the pigtail we plug the LC end of pigtail in the conecter of the termination box and we plug our patch cord on the other side of the conector in that termination box (i am not sure of the proper wording for that particular accessories but i have attached a picture)
monsieurxAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your time
monsieurxAuthor Commented:
The patch panel in the picture is not the one i will use its just an old one laying around.

But i was thinking of purchasing a patch panel with Dual LC connector , but it sound like it doesn't exist when i read your comment. is that right ?
Bryant SchaperCommented:
it might, although I am not as confident that the vendor will be able to terminate to LC, that you would have to check.
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