Infopath Form with Parameter - Best Option for Use

Hi Experts!  
I'm a newbie at InfoPath and need help to solve a problem:

I’ve created an Infopath form in IP2010 which receives a parameter when invoked correctly, queries an access database, displays one record for the user to edit.  It has a submit button that allows the edits to be posted back to the access database table.  The form works great when I execute it from a command line using the /inputparameters option.

Now, I am trying to send out weekly emails to my project managers (programmatically from Access2010 VBA.) Each project manager's email will have a list of their projects in a table.  I want each project line in the email to have a custom hyperlink that invokes the IP form with the parameter.  The hyperlink references the IP xsn file that has been published.  I can’t get the hyperlink to work correctly/consistently.  Things I have already tried to get this to work:

1) I tried to publish the form to a network location and send the input parameters via a /inputparameters flag on the command line.  I have come to learn that many say hyperlinks do not handle parameters at all.  I don't know if this is correct or not.

2) I published the form to my sharepoint server and called it directly.  The form opens, but it does catch the input parameter.


3) I have tried to publish the IP form to my sharepoint server, and then use a call to the formserver.aspx to render the xsn ip form into Infopath Filler.  When I invoke the hyperlink from a Word document (for testing purposes) it worked (even though a pop up window appears and you have to download the form  - yuk.)  Here's what it is.

https://MYSITE/_layouts/FormServer.aspx?xsnLocation=https://MYSITE/ProjectStatus.xsn&NoRedirect=TRUE &ID=<<custom input parameter goes here>>

When I tried to include the same hyperlink into a HTMLBody of an Outlook email, the formserver errors, with either “The form is Closed” or “This form must be a web enabled form”.  The only reason I am going to the option of using the formerserver.aspx option is because it seems to be the only option that will accept an input argument that I can grab from the custom hyperlink in my form.  The other options don’t seem to allow for me to pass a parameter.

1) I have already considered using a embedded .bat file in the email to invoke the form.  The problem with this solution is that I am gathering statuses on hundreds of projects, and the unique IDs for each project status reports would required hundreds of .bat files to be created each week.  
2) I was hoping to switch the IP form to a web-enabled form, but then I can't write the updates back to the access database.  That is not an option.
3) I don't know how and don't have the resources to write any specialized website aspx pages.
4) I thought about creating a sharepoint form library with the IPForm that would store the responses to an invoked, parameterized IP form, but I can't find an InfoPath web part on our sharepoint site.  I'd prefer a solution using the current IP form.

1) I would prefer to have my form on the network and hyperlink to the form with the /inputparameters flag.  Can that actually work?
2) Why does the hyperlink work in Word, but won’t work from a HTML outlook email?
3) Is there an easier way to do this?

I really appreciate any help you can provide to me.  This place is AWESOME! :)
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
I have tried this approach, along time ago in the past.  It was a one time thing, not a weekly or whatever. So it was manageable but I think you are making this more complicated than it needs to be with this approach.

First question: why Access?  Is there anyway you can get SQL, either from the SharePoint Server or another one?
Access really limits the abilities you have from an enterprise application stand point and multiple people and performance.

If you have a central data repository, then you can build the form to query the information based on the user on demand, whenever they need it. They would query the projects assigned to them, select one which queries that project data, edit and the data is saved back and there is never anything saved in a form.  Can also make a view for the supervisor / yourself and it would generate a very simple email / no attachment that was just a prompt to open the form themselves and show them some of the data why.

This is the more traditional way to accomplish what you are trying to do.  Ideally you would have webservices or BCS in SharePoint but it can be accomplished with a database form if you are creative.

Even keeping the data directly in SharePoint would be an improvement over trying to funnel everything back to Access. But if they do have access to the Access database it could be structured similarly, just not as performant. and you are limited with a database form on some of the queries and related tables. has some addon tools for SharePoint that are tailored to this kind of project.

Hope that helps.

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JayBoggsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  It helped me try a different approach.
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