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Cannot override checkout on MySite library document

blkfoot asked
We have SharePoint 2010 with some users utilizing MySites.  My boss has a document that shows as checked out to an employee but that employee doesn't have it opened.  There is no options to override the checkout and the employee that shows as having it opened has Full Control in the library.  My boss did not have the setting to require a check out in order to edit the documents checked (she does now).

The employee that has this checked out (not really) is not in the office and not reachable.

Any way to resolve this?
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Can you open up the library into windows explorer and try to resolve it from there?
blkfootIT Services Administrator


No I couldn't but after the weekend I was able to check it out and then check it back in so obviously the nightly maintenance tasks run by SharePoint reset something to clear the lock.

Thanks for answering though.
AS it was a mysite it could have been the user sync job that helped out :)
blkfootIT Services Administrator


I can agree with that.  Again, thanks for your help!