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CIsco Aironet AIR-CAP1532E-A-K9 with one antenna AIR-ANT2547V-N


thank you for taking the time to read my question and assist me.

Here is the material that i have:
2 outdoor cisco Aironet AIR-CAP1532E-A-K9
2 antenna AIR-ANT2547V-N

Here is what we want to achieve:
Conect both in mesh network (we might add a third one at a later time)
Broadcast wifi over all the construction site

Here is my question:
What distance can each of these device reach in broadcasting WIFI good and reliable enough for someone to connect to ?
what is the maximum distance can they be from each other with direct line of sight ?

FOr those of you out there that already done it using these equipment please share your knowledge with me lol
This is a large construction site there is going to be some interference via other equipment and radio system and all.
So what would be the fair / safe distance it could reach ?

thank you for your time
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Regardless of the calculations that may be provided in order to work out the theoretical maximum distance that you could cover, look to go no more than a couple of hundred feet with these APs using the antennas you have specified.

They will link to eachother and transmit to clients using the same type of antenna so the distance between the APs themselves will be just the same as that between AP and client.  The trouble is the client though - it has a much smaller antenna and it has to be able to transmit at least as far as the same distance that the AP can, or it'll not work, so in reality I'd say no more than around 100ft for client connectivity (if you're talking laptops, phones, iPads, etc).


THank you very much for your time.

It is going to be Smartphone ipad and laptop that will conect to these Aironet .
Well noted with the approx distance of 100 feet for client conectivity.