Outlook Resource Scheduling for split Meeting Rooms

We have a large conference room that is set up as a resource. The problem comes in when the room's dividing wall splits the room into 2 smaller rooms. We have run into an issue where people can schedule one of the smaller rooms and still have someone schedule the large room on it own thus creating a conflicting meeting.

Any ideas? We are using Exchange 2010 and Office 2010.
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okorsalAuthor Commented:
I've actually tried this and while the user can book just one smaller room another user tries to book the larger room but only the other small room is booked.

Here's a better explanation of what i did. Room 1 (Small room), Room 2 (Small room).

if someone books Room 1 at 3pm another user books room 1 and room 2 at 3pm the room 1 will be declined but room 2 will be accepted. I need room 2 to be declined as well.

Maybe remove the Large Room resource and just publish the 2 small rooms as Resources? I suppose that way if a user needs the big room then you could book both rooms?
okorsalAuthor Commented:
No answer to my question.
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