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I have a question about jQuery Syntax.  I am using a CMS that has a tag {row_id} that, of course echos out the row id.  In my jQuery, I am referencing the row ID.  In my code I have this:
	var formUpdate_{row_id} = function() { 

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in In my development IED this line gives me an error.  Is there a way to escape this and still have it work so the error is gone?
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I tested the following code and it works for me.

var row_id = '{row_id}';
if (row_id.substr(0,1)=='{') row_id = '1';
var line1 = 'var formUpdate_'+ row_id +' = function(){';
var line2 = 'alert(123);';
var line3 = '}';
eval(line1 + line2 + line3);

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Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
Depending on the placement of this code and the scope you need the variable(s) to be in you might be able to use:
window['formUpdate_{row_id}'] = function() {

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this['formUpdate_{row_id}'] = function() {

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That should be valid code for the IDE and with a bit of luck your CMS does the replace regardless of the fact that the tag is now in a javascript literal.
You could use eval().
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