Textfile reader reading from 2 line and not the header row.

vba: excel  2010.

I need the following code to bypass line 1 so it does not read the HEADER ROW. Please.

What I need:
'Set up regex
Dim regEx
Set regEx = New RegExp
With regEx
    .MultiLine = False
    .Global = True
    .IgnoreCase = False
    .Pattern = "[^\x00-\x7F]" '<--pattern matching those pesky extended ASCII characters
End With

Do Until listFile.AtEndOfStream
    'Load up the line
    inLineRead = listFile.ReadLine
    'Get rid of extended ascii using the regex set up above
    inLineRead = regEx.Replace(inLineRead, "")
    'split the line, and write back out using the new delim
    inArrLine = Split(inLineRead, inDelim)
    'set some stuff for the loop
    firstField = True
    outLineWrite = ""
    outFieldNumber = 1
    'Loop through fields
    For Each inField In inArrLine
        'write out the value in the field
        If outFieldNumber <= numberOfFields Then
      'Add a delim if this isn't the first field
      If Not firstField Then
        outLineWrite = outLineWrite & outDelim
        firstField = False
      End If
            outLineWrite = outLineWrite & inField
            Exit For
        End If
    outFieldNumber = outFieldNumber + 1
    'Write it out only if there is something to write
    If Not Trim(outLineWrite) = "" Then writeFile.WriteLine outLineWrite

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Seems like more code than you actually need.  If you are using a textstream object, you can use its Skip method to skip the first line.

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