MailTips not working on all clients outlook 2010

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I have recently taken over as the admin for a company running Exchange 2010 on a SBS 2011.  They are having a problem with the MailTips working on all desktops.  Only one current user is able to receive MailTips notifications and the rest say MailTips could not be retrived.  there is the folder shares GroupMatrics and ExchangeOAB.  GroupMatrics files are updated daily and ExchangeOAB has not updated in the past few months.  on the work station that is currently not having any issues you can access there OWA fine.  With all others the webpage is unreachable. Any suggestions or ideas what is wrong?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
That sounds like the clients aren't configured correct and the name resolution is failing.
Ensure that the clients are getting DHCP addresses from the SBS server, not the router. If the router is doing DHCP then turn it off.
If they are on static IP addresses, ensure the only DNS server listed is the SBS server.

I would suggest that you also run the fix my network wizard in the SBS console and get the SBS BPA (links at for your version and run it against the system.

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