Upload files larger than 2MB in Wordpress

I realize that the MB limit is placed in the config settings of wordpress and can be increased there, but I'd rather just create an additional directory on the host where files are uploaded.  I'd still like to upload function to be available within the Wordpress Admin pages, but the upload to go to the created folder.  Particularly, I'd like to add a box on the Post Edit screen to add the upload.  This is primarily for uploading the MP3 of a podcast for instance.

I know I'll need to build a custom function to make this happen and point to the correct directory, but wanted to be sure it was possible first.

Is that even possible?
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
It's actually not a WordPress setting but a PHP one that WordPress reads and echoes back.

However. Yes, it is possible to hook the upload function and send it whereever you want based on whatever triggers you can access when the hook fires.

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is really good for this.
For larger files you have also need to verify php.ini file, your hosting company may have set different limits.
Some hosting company allows user to create their own php.ini you should check with them first.

Some settings that need to be changed:

For more info check:

For the upload function you can use something similare to this:
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