problem with web-kit animation

I found this animation I need but I doesnt work in IE 9 or 10.  Works great in chrome and firefox.  Can someone tell me how to fix it to work in IE

Here is link to animation

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you don't need minus before "animation" to make it work for firefox and IE10, IE8-9 doesn't support CSS3 animation.
.glyphicon-refresh-animate {
    animation: spin .7s infinite linear;
    -webkit-animation: spin2 .7s infinite linear;
Also I would suggest 2 seconds, it's enough, 0.7 is too fast.
Does not work in my firefox...
Tom BeckCommented:
Works in Safari and Chrome on my system. Not Firefox. Never going to work in IE 9. Use an animated gif instead.
mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
that did it thanks!
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