Triple monitor setup with Windows 8.1 ?

sandshakimi used Ask the Experts™
I've got a Toshiba Satellite S75 with a VGA port, and would like a 3-monitor setup (extending screens, not duplicating).

Two monitors is straightforward in Windows, but how do I do three?

(the second and third monitors have VGA inputs)
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Go ahead displaylink usb to hdml eBay selling for 50.00
Gary CaseRetired
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You should be able to attach the 2nd display to the VGA port on the laptop.

For the 3rd display, just add one of these:
FYI, it is straight forward once you have an adapter like ITsolutionWizard and garycase pointed out.
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NVITEnd-user support

Doesn't the OP just need the vga one and not the dvi/hdmi/vga model?
what is OP you refer to?
displaylink is using usb on your pc. and it can connect to your monitor's vga , hdmi or dvi port.
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Got it, and works great. Thanks

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