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Texting Software for PC

Hi Experts,

I have a Client who is looking for a software that can text info to her Technicians out in the filed.

They have 30+ Staff that manage Contractors sites. and would like the ability to text them if possible

From their Office 365

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You can send SMS through email/Outlook.    You just need to set the recipient address to the phone number and specific domain for the carrier.   To formulate the number refer to this list,


So add each 30+ staff to the address book for easy texting through email.
EirmanChief Operations Manager

The first item in this list (email) should suit
Be sure to read through the at the end.

There are many more solutions available if you don't confine yourself to using 365
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT Consultant


This is Fantastic and I will be using it with a Marketing Piece