How to fix bku ray judder

Can anyone help with shaky blu ray playback? It happens with most but not all of my blu ray disks. It appears like a delay on both sound and vision, it is only slight but make viewing virtually impossible. I am not sure if it is a problem with software, the blu-ray player or the actual disk. All advice greatly appreciated.
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What is your hardware, what OS? Did you have the issue from the beginning or has it started after some time?

If it was from the beginning, it is likely that your hardware is just too low-end to play blurays. You need a good graphic card and CPU.

If at first you didn't have the problem, then it could be that there are too much running on your PC in the background, or it could be overheating. Clean out all dust and make sure all the fans turn freely and smoothly when you turn them with your finger. Uninstall software that isn't needed, check for malware, and disable startup items that aren't really needed to run at all times.

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medcomputersAuthor Commented:
Hi rindi

Many thanks for your very quick post. My computer is quite old but I think it just about meets minimum spec. for bluray. I am running Windows 7 Pro with AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ and 8 gig RAM. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series graphic card with an LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH101.S30 DVD/BluRay combo drive. What I don't quite understand is that it did start off playing blurays fine and still does occasionally, it is an intermittent fault. My software is ANY MP4 and I was wondering if that could be the problem. Could I need a better, paid for software package to play blu ray disks?

I have also taken on board all you say about the general condition of my PC. My fans could certainly do with cleaning and I am not quite sure how to check for over-heating-could that be in the BIOS? I do run regular virus scans but could have another check for malware and look again at my start up programs.

Any further suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

Most BIOS will give a general idea of the temps. Cleaning out all the dust and making sure the fans rotate smoothly will ensure the air flows freely, and that should reduce the temps. You can also run SIW which under the "sensors" section shows temperatures.

The Player software shouldn't make any difference to how the playback is, but maybe your DVD's are different in Quality. The ones with the problem could also be meant for playback on higher resolutions or be using a higher frame-rate, and sometimes the bluray drive could also have gotten old. The laser and optics can deteriorate with time.
medcomputersAuthor Commented:
Hi rindi
Many apologies for late posting. I have been really busy at working and trying out my blu ray disks again.
I have cleaned out my start-up items, run anit virus and anti malware programs and checked CPU temperature which is well within mean operating levels. The problem still seems to be intermittent, some blu ray playback is fine, others are still very shaky. The LG player is not that old and I have checked the firmware is up to date. Maybe my whole system just needs updating?
I'll leave feedback for you asap.
Many thanks
medcomputersAuthor Commented:
Blu ray playback is still rather shaky but all comments were helpful. Upgrade of graphics card and blu ray player could well improve performance.
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