2950-12 & 2950c switch difference

hi I have both:

im currently looking at the below link:


- cisco 2950g-12
- cisco 2950-12
- cisco 2950-24

qns1.  how do I find out if they are 'LRE', 2950c or 2950, so I know which ios to download  ?
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Tory WCommented:
A few ways:
Log in to the switch and run the command "show version" or "show boot". The former will tell you the switch version and the IOS that is preloaded on the switch. (most switches come ready to plug and play) The latter will tell you the actual IOS file that is loaded on the switch.

You can enter that info from "show version" into the cisco.com website under [support] -> [download] and find the IOS you want.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
From show version result, see if the current IOS has lre in its name


C2950 LRE IOS IMAGE  Login Required


See the link below

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TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
LRE switches are mostly for telco applications, and use telco-style RJ-21 plugs instead of the usual RJ-45, which kinda look like old-fashioned parallel printer ports, just with more pins:

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mikey250Author Commented:
hi akinsd,

ios using:  - c2950-i6k212q4-mz.121-22.EA14.bin

step 1

link used to downloaded the ios (the reason for the download was because on my windows 2008 current single dc/ad/dns/dhcp server I installed 'putty' successfully & 'tftpd32' but below was my result so guessed possible image corruption:

download url:


- ping master dc to switch - successful
- ping from switch to master dc - successful
- delete flash - successful

copy tftp flash - I got - error 2950...timed out

step 2

installed 'putty & tftpd32' on xp but same issue from tftpd32:

copy tftp flash - I got - error 2950...timed out

step 3

uninstalled 'tftpd32 & installed cisco tftp server v1.1':

hyper terminal - copy tftp flash - successful
hyper terminal - copy flash tftp - successful


I have used the 'cisco navigator' and could not locate 12.1ea.bin so I am not sure...!!!??

I also downloaded the below 'tar':


url instructions used to update (.bin to .tar):


archive tar /x tftp:// flash: - enter - error tftp.....
mikey250Author Commented:
hi akinsd,

correction previous ios was using:

ios using:  - c2950-i6q412-mz.121-22.EA6.bin

ios installed now:

ios using:  - c2950-i6k212q4-mz.121-22.EA14.bin

note:  if I then attempt to upgrade to the below It states 'error tftp....

- c2950-i6q412-tar.121-22.EA14.tar
mikey250Author Commented:
qns1.  my original question was how do I find out if they are 'LRE', 2950c or 2950, so I know which ios to download :

- but I am not sure about '2950c' for eg  ?

note: the reason for asking my original question was (also) because I thought using the wrong ios caused the 'tftpd32' timed out error I was receiving, but it was (not).

after adding port udp 69 to my firewall to allow 'inbound', this allowed me to use tftpd32 below and no longer receive the 'time out' error.

step 2

 installed 'putty & tftpd32' on xp but same issue from tftpd32:

 copy tftp flash - I got - error 2950...timed out
the absolute simplest way to upgrade ios software is using the web browser.

Give the switch an IP:
   int vlan 1
     ip address
     no shut

Make sure to enable the web component
 ip http secure-server

Give a laptop or your pc an IP address ( gateway is left blank.
Connect your computer to any access port.
Web into the switch ( ).
Use the software update link and browse to the .tar you have.

The TAR version if the IOS is meant to be used to update using the method above.  You can do it from the CLI but it's easier using the browser.

The BIN version of the IOS is used when updating from CLI and tftp, but only updates the OS and not all the supporting web files ( which come with the TAR ).  This is useful if the web files have been deleted to save space  for a larger IOS or more than one version stored in flash.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
ios using:  - c2950-i6q412-mz.121-22.EA6.bin
ios using:  - c2950-i6k212q4-mz.121-22.EA14.bin

There is no LRE in the images you provided.
Compare with the ones I posted previously.


For image transfer procedures, check this basic tutorial

Also check your firewall settings to make sure tftp is allowed (UDP 69)
mikey250Author Commented:
hi netman,

what I would like to know is how exactly do I update my ios  .bin to .tar version and you have said:

"the tar version if the ios is meant to be used to update using the method above.  you can do it from the cli but it's easier using the browser."

question 1. I have allowed port 69 via firewall now, but just so I know how do I update via the browser being the easier method  ?
mikey250Author Commented:
hi akinsd,

when looking on the cisco download site, I viewed the following ios version '2950c' so wanted to know what the (c) meant or is it just another version higher or lower ios  ?
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
C = Catalyst
Majority if not all current Cisco switches are Catalyst switches.
The differentiator was necessary a long time ago to distinguish catalyst from non catalyst

mikey250Author Commented:
ok thanks for that info.
mikey250Author Commented:
sound advice.
Sorry for the late arrival.

The .tar contains the .bin file as well as other files to enable the web functionality.  As long as the original update to this switch contains the web components, you can use the .tar to update the IOS and web components via the web interface.

If the content of flash only contains the .bin as well as the configs, then you're left with updating using the .bin OR you can use the cli with the .tar on a tftp server and the command:

archive tar /xtract tftp://{your tftp IP address}/{your .tar filename} flash:

If the web interface is unavailable because of deleted files, then the command above will restore everything with the new .tar image.
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