make usb harddisk bootable for windows 8

Pravin 185
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I have 250gb harddisk. and have data on it.

I want to shrink harddisk for 20 gb space and then use this partition for make bootable with windows 8.

But this should not harm my data which is laying on another space.

suggestion please.

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If you have Windows 8.x Enterprise, then you can use Windows to Go, which is the supported way for getting a Windows 8.x installation on a USB stick or disk. Lower versions aren't supported. You can find Windows to go in the Control Panel. First copy the data off from your USB disk (you should have backups anyway), as Windows to go partitions the disk during the installation. When finished, you can always copy the data back.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)

What Rindi said however my preference for dual boot is to add a new harddisk to the mix
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>>  I want to shrink harddisk for 20 gb space   <<  open disk manager and select the disk properties
now select Shrink Volume and put in the desired size

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