assign ip address to machines using windown 2012 server


i have configured windows 2012 server as domain controller.

I want to assign ip address to my local machine.  I know this is possible through dhcp.  but in dhcp server will assign ip as per his request from available rang.

but my additional requirement is that I want to decide which machine will get what ip. Can I assign IP address to department wise.

I want this because I want to set web content filtering policy from sonicwall firewall as per ip based.

please suggest if this is possible and how.

Pravin 185IT Service ManagerAsked:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
In 2012 and newer this can be done using DHCP policy based assignments. More info:
Pravin 185IT Service ManagerAuthor Commented:
IP reservation means you have tom know the MAC address of the interface. An option you might want to consider is setting up a Proxy server such thast  all requests have to go through it and then you can restrict access based on the user that is logged in.

See whether  the sonicwall can handle transparent proxy with NTLM/AD option.

The approach you are looking/considering is the same as though you go to each system and statically set its IP.

You could also organize the computer/users in group policy or in a way to allow you to centrally manage
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