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How to clean up Windows 7 installation

New W7 installed over a Vista OS...not an upgrade. Everything with the W7 OS is working properly but the hard drive is showing way too much "used" space (about 120GB).  There are no other user programs or data loaded yet.  I've used disk cleanup and thought that I had requested the removal of Windows.old.  That file no longer shows when executing the Explorer.  The W7 folder is showing about 11.5 GB which is about right.  How can I clean the hard drive of extraneous data short of formatting the whole drive and reloading W7?
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If this is a new installation (as said), then it has nothing to do with Vista. Just to check, open Windows Explorer, make sure hidden files can be see and look for a windows.old folder.

What is likely (new install) is that Windows or other third party backup is running and making copies of your system.

Look in Computer, Manage and the Disk Management to see if there are partitions set up you did not anticipate.
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I would repeat the installation, but this time on a clean disk. When you boot from the installation DVD and get to the destination selection, first delete all the partitions, after that create a new one for the fresh installation. That is the only way to make sure you only have Windows 7 on the system, and not some old stuff.
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John, I do have hidden files checked to be seen and the Windows.old folder was there and I deleted it before sending you guys a note.  It almost seems as if Explorer did not "actually" delete the data within the folder.  I've run Disk Cleanup twice and that is not taking care of it.  I've also run defrag.....which did not have any effect on the amount of data that is still on the hard drive.  

I ran WinDirStat and it shows the C partition as having 23.3 GB or with Windows having 11.6 GB.  However, when doing a Disk Mgmt look, it shows a capacity of 222.7 with 108.3 free or 49%.  It just doesn't make sense.  I'm beginning to think that my best solution is to format the whole drive and reload W7.  The current partitions look like this:
1st Part - 1.46 (Recovery partition)
2nd Part - 222.67 NTFS
3rd Part. - 8.75 (primary partition)  I'm assuming this is the original Toshiba recovery partition with Vista as the OS.

If I format the whole drive, it will also remove the small recovery partition.  Is that OK?  This is a Toshiba laptop - Staellite - L505 D
Unless you reinstalled Windows twice there should not be a windows.old folder. Its existence suggests that somehow you did upgrade from Vista.

when doing a Disk Mgmt look, it shows a capacity of 222.7 with 108.3 free or 49%.

That suggests a hidden backup file. I have seen this happen before.

Get a copy (trial version) of Tree Size from Jam Software. Install and run it. Make sure hidden files are exposed and let it show you where the space has gone.
You can leave the recovery partition as it is, you only need to delete the other partitions. Besides that, you made recovery DVD's of your PC using the manufacturer's utility when you first go the PC, So you can always use those to do a factory restore.
Can you open up a command prompt and type the following,followed by tapping enter key :)


list disk

Now you need to select the largest partition so if disk 0 is 200gb select this one by typing,

select disk0

Now type in,
detail disk

Please post the results of detail disk. Thanks.
John, I ran the Jam software tool.  It is showing a Systems Volume Information folder with 91.3 GB.  This is obviously where the space is being wasted.  I'm guessing that it is not a good idea to delete this folder.  I think I should just regen the system by first deleting the second and third partitions.  I don't care about the Vista recovery partition and I'm not too sure about what the first partition does.
Two things:

1. Go to System Properties in Control Panel, System Protection tab and check Protection settings. Perhaps you have too much space allocated for this.

2. Run Disk Cleanup and when it comes up , click the button Cleanup System Files. Then let it run.

Both these may reduce the space you use.
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