How to render white space in HTML, Asp:DropDownLists, unbound, C# codebehind, bound to DataTable?

I am endeavoring to render leading spaces in a DropDownList (Ddl).
the Ddl is bound to a DataTable from my c# codebehind.
I am new to this, not familiar with all the syntax and the usage of all the available <tags>
I have read and tested "The browser is rendering spaces as one space" and believe this is my issue...

BTW I am rendering a up to 6 digit number followed by some text...
_____1 person full name
____10 different person name
___101 another person name
__1234 yet another

Please do not rely on my testing below, as my implementation could have made THE PROPER SOLUTION not work...
I have tried:
1) used leading "&nbsp;", " &nbsp;", "& nbsp;", "&nbsp; + " -" + "&nbsp; &nbsp; " + string and I reliably get the escape characters rendered perfectly!

2) <pre></pre>, besides messing up my webform it still renders one space or the &nbsp; in the control

3) several other formatting suggestions, however method I use to format they all create data in my table which I view with vs.  It does not matter how you format the resulting string in the table is what gets passed to the control

Thank You

                ddlStd.Proc = "GetddlDivisionsProc"; // set proper sproc for data
               ddlDropDownList.DataSource = ddlStd.OutTable; //get the data table, (ddlStd gets the data from sqldb and
                concatenates columns then adds row by row to the table, resulting in a two row table 1 for "value" and the       other for "text")
                ddlDropDownList.DataValueField = "Value";
                ddlDropDownList.DataTextField = "Text";
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SamCashAuthor Commented:
This solved my issue.  Must be after binding.

foreach (ListItem item in ddlUID.Items) //This enables the browser to not to reformat data changing multiple white space to one space, and from trimming spaces
                item.Text = HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(item.Text);// render "&nbsp; " left padding

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