attempting to migrate citrix database to a new server

I used instructions for the process I found here ..Im attempting to migrate our citrix database to another server. 2005 SQL express to 2008 SQL server. I was able to backup the DB and restore it on the new server with no isssues but when I ran the dsmaint config /dsn "file location of MF20.dsn" I get the error below
Attempting to connect to the data store with new configuration settings.
Failed to connect to the data store. The settings will be reverted to the previo
us configuration.
Unable to change configuration settings.
Please verify parameters and data source.
I read the link the article states to follow if there are any issues with that command but I dont think the solution applied to my situation.

I have attached the MF20.dsn file from a citrix server I have already made 1 change to it

Any ideas would be appreciated
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Dirk KotteSECommented:
often the problem is not enough rights ar the datadase-server.

i prefer the dsmaint migrate method.
- create a second dsn "mf20-new.dsn" with new connection settings.
- create an empty database (or table)  at the new sql-server
- provide enough rights for the citrix-service-account
use "dsmaint migrate to copy the database content to the new server:
dsmaint migrate /srcdsn:dsnfile /srcuser:user /srcpwd:password /dstdsn:dsnfile /dstuser:user /dstpwd:password
dsmaint migrate provides good, cleartext errormessages.
if the migrate proccess is successfull the dsmaint config has no problem mostly.
bankadminAuthor Commented:
Carl- With our current setup there is no ODBC connections will I have to create one since Im moving from sqlexpress to a sql?

dkotte- Thanks for the suggestion I will follow up with that way of migrating if I cant get the way I attempted it to work.
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Carl WebsterCommented:
An ODBC connection allows you to create or test the mf20.dsn file (or the name you used if you renamed the file).
bankadminAuthor Commented:
I ended up using IMA helper to help with the process I was still having issues then realized the IMA service was still running when I was try the dsmaint process got that shutdown and it worked.

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bankadminAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the help it always helps the process even if I dont do exactly what has been posted..
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