Asking for recommendations for a good PHP host. Please read my criteria.

I am looking for a PHP web host. I am currently with, boy, do they SUCK!

Here are my criteria for the web host I'm looking for:
1) Must support PHP 5.5 and above, along with MySQL
2) IMPORTANT -- Must allow me to connect to my MySQL database on their server via MySQL Workbench! I hate using PHPMyAdmin.
3) Technical support must be knowledgeable.

4) Short wait times for technical support
5) Supports WordPress

The reason why I'm cancelling my 1and1 account is because I am using mod_rewrite in my .htaccess that works in my local server and in another web host, but it won't work in their server. I was on hold for almost 30 minutes. When I finally spoke to a person, he said they don't really know how to help me on this. I wasn't asking them how to do mod_rewrite, I was merely asking why no redirection was occurring, that maybe they don't have mod_rewrite configured correctly; I ask this on the basis that what I had worked not only in my local server, but also in another web host.

Please make sure your recommendations meet my minimum criteria as listed above. Thanks.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I agree with you about 1and1.  As for the rest... good luck.  No host I know of meets your criteria.  I'm thinking of using Inmotionhosting for my next account.  They do not list the specifics of their product versions.  Almost nobody does anymore.
NameCheap will support your needs and do it for a great price.

1) Must support PHP 5.5 and above, along with MySQL - PHP 5.2 - 5.6 and MySQL
2) IMPORTANT -- Must allow me to connect to my MySQL database on their server via MySQL Workbench! I hate using PHPMyAdmin. - Supports MySQL Workbench (and HeidiSQL which i use)
3) Technical support must be knowledgeable.  - i've found that they are quite knowledgable

4) Short wait times for technical support- Tech support is quick but through chat.   When i first moved to NameCheap from Godaddy, i wasn't sure about no phone support, but it's been great (3 years).
5) Supports WordPress - Yep

I tried 1 & 1 for a bit and came to the same conclusion.     I hadn't heard of namecheap initially.   I did quite a bit of homework on them, it seemed good so i moved a few domains and services to them.  I tried that for a couple months and had nothing but good experiences with them.     I moved everything to them and some clients.    It's been about 3 years and i'm still very content with them.

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elepilAuthor Commented:
To tailoreddigital.

Thanks for responding. I like your description of NameCheap. But can you give me some examples of technical questions you've asked NameCheap that they've successfully helped you with? I need to gauge their technical ability.

Also, and this question is because of something I didn't like about 1and1, did you have to use aliases for your database name? What I didn't like about 1and1 was if you had a database name of MyDatabase, you can't access it by its name, you're given aliases like db552604284. Even though it works fine, I just find it bizarre and annoying.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Azure and AWS offer web hosting.. and is infinitely scalable .. if you want to go away from wordpress then squarespace is about the best hosting on the market. My squarespace servers never went down even when mentioned by TWIT or (back in the day) was on Digg's homepage.. During the last big blackout in the NY area (Hurricane Sandy)  their staff hand carried jerry cans of diesel to their rooftop generator.
Ray PaseurCommented:
I've had good experiences with LiquidWeb and HostGator tech support, but I can't speak to details of their hosting plans.  It's been several years since I needed to interact with a tech support organization.  In my work, we are leaning in the direction of AWS for our next deployment (moving away from Government-run server farms).  I think if I were looking for myself, I would try AWS and see if they had a plan that met my needs.  An instructive exercise might be to call their tech support and see if they can tell you that they support your environment!
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