How to Deploy a Windows C++ Application With Libraries

I am attempting to deploy a C/C++ application for Windows that include libraries for libcurl and rapidjson. The application runs fine on my local machine, but I need to deploy it to a remote system. How do I make sure all of the dependencies are included correctly? One of the headers (curl.h) gets flagged as "not found" (and won't compile) if I switch my compile target to Release. (It is fine with Debug).

Any information is appreciated.

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AmyLAuthor Commented:
I am using Visual Studio 2013 and InstallShield LE.

I believe I have solved my problem: It was a combination of setting the platform to be compatible with Server 2003 (Visual Studio 2013 - Windows XP (v120_xp)) and setting the C++ runtimes to be static.
AmyLAuthor Commented:
Local: Windows 8.1
Remote: Windows Server 2003
Libraries: libcurl and RapidJSON
AmyLAuthor Commented:
The main issue is: how to include the necessary dependencies with either a custom Makefile or the free version of InstallShield (or ?).
AmyLAuthor Commented:
The deployment did work on the remote system. The header issue wasn't related to the deployment issue (I had incorrectly assumed that it was). It turned out simply to be that I had not selected "all configurations" when I set up the dependencies.
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