Help with Powershell ad query (driving me crazy )

I need to create a CSV list from active directory as follows:
Name, Email Address, Display Name, Group : memberships separated by ";" , Is External User (Boolean)
the constrictions are :
1. we are creating a list for users in RED group.
2. we we need to also note group membership in our list , for users who belong to any group like *admin*
3. we need to add a "False" at he end of each line in the  csv  file (as none of ad users are external.

so far i have this;
Get-ADGroupmember -Identity RED-Group |Where-Object { $_.objectClass -eq 'user' } |Get-ADUser -Properties * ||Select-Object -Property Name, Emailaddress, CN, @{name='MemberOf';expression={ ($_.MemberOf | ForEach { ($_ -split ',')[0] -replace 'CN=',''}) -join ';'}} |ConvertTo-Csv -NoTypeInformation |Out-File redusers.csv

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i need to filter the $_.MemberOf property with something like  "where { $ -like admin }"  as i dont want to list all groups membership -  but not getting that right.

Any suggestions?
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Try this

Get-ADGroupmember -Identity Red-Group |Where-Object { $_.objectClass -eq 'user' } |  Get-ADUser -Properties * | Select-Object -Property Name, Emailaddress, CN, @{name='MemberOf';expression={ ($_.MemberOf | Where-Object {$_ -notlike '*Admin*'} |ForEach { ($_ -split ',')[0] -replace 'CN=',''}) -join ';'}} | Export-Csv redusers.csv -NoTypeInformation 

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I removed the covert command and replaced it with Export-CSV as well as added the Where-Objet to filter out groups with the name Admin in it.

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PleaseAnswerAuthor Commented:
cool,  :) that works .
now how do i add a check to each users that if he is in the domain i get a "false" at the end of each line of the csv?
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Do you have an example of an external -properties Results?
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PleaseAnswerAuthor Commented:
nop, i don't they do not exist in AD , i just need the CSV to to have another column heading "NotIn-AD" and for all the users to be 'False' for that line  - since they are not external users...
PleaseAnswerAuthor Commented:
actually got it , just added "@{name='IsExternal';expression={'False'}}"

That works
PleaseAnswerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Yo_Bee !!
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
No Problem
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