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Exchange 2013 Upgrade

Question about upgrading exchange 2013 CU2 to SP1. Currently in our scenario we have 2 client servers and 2 mailbox servers. What we would like to do is to create a clean installation of both roles using Exchange server SP1 and then migrate mailboxes to that server. Is this supported? I do know that i have to stop email processing when the migration will take place. My question is that if this scenario is supported.

Thank you
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Depends on the Exchange version you're currently using. Exchange 2013 supports coexisting scenario and upgrade from Exchange 2007 roll up 10 up and 2010 SP3 ... but not 2003.

Check the requirements here your self

And your emails will only stop coming during the migration of those mailboxes. means it won't stop entirely for all users! it'll just stop for the processed for migration users and only during the migration.
chr45sdff3Author Commented:
As i told you our current version is exchange 2013 cu1
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Skip SP1 - it is very old.
Go straight to CU7 or CU8.

When it comes to moving mailboxes about, what you have proposed is fine. Fully supported. When you are moving mailboxes the mailbox is available to the users, with only the final step causing an outage of about 10 seconds.

However if you have separate CAS role servers then you need to upgrade all of them to the cumulative update you are going to deploy to the mailbox role servers before you touch the mailbox role servers. Exchange can downgrade, but it cannot upgrade and the version of CAS is defined by the version of Exchange the mailbox is stored on.

chr45sdff3Author Commented:
Thank you Simon Butler (Sembee). Let me see if i got this right. Currently i have 2 CAS and MAILBOX servers all 2013 CU1. What i want to do is to end up with only one server. So what i was planning to do is to do a fresh installation of exchange 2013 cu 7 or cu8 and migrate the mailboxes to that server.  Is this supported ? As soon as the migration finishes to decommission all 4 servers that currently have CU1.

Thank you
What do you mean by clean installation ?

If you want add new servers into existing domain &  move mailbox's into that ...Yes that is supported.
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