Safari browsing problem in Macbook Pro

Hi Guys,

I have MacBook Pro
Version 10.8.5

Safari version 6.23

When i use safari it hangs, there are pop ups. I am unable to reset safari. when i go Safari>reset safari..(select all) >reset.. i can confirm it has not worked because i can still see browsing history.

I also have firefox installed which works perfectly fine.

what would be best way to fix it?  should i reinstall safari... if so how i can do it? and if it malware related how can i remove it?
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Go to Safari Preferences>Extensions and remove any extensions.

You could also download and run a free anti virus program like Sophos or Avast.
David AndersTechnician Commented:
There is an adware removal tool at
Kyle SantosCustomer RelationsCommented:
Do you have the latest version of Flash from Adobe?
Another way to start Safari from scratch, since you're resetting all your preferences anyway, is to remove your ~/Library/Safari/ Folder
Open your Home folder.  (It should be your account name)
Open Library
Move Safari to the trash

Alternatively, open and delete it with the following command
rm -rf ~/Library/Safari/

Open in new window

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