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If have a multi-tabed Excel Spreadsheet Report.  Each Page contains a Page Number in the following format:
                           - 12 -
The reports begin with Tab2.  The first page of Tab2 reports (generally two pages long) gets it page number from a user supplied entry on Tab1.
If the user supplied value in cell D53 of Tab1 contains the number 3, this formula, in B69 of Tab2
                       ="- "&(Tab1!$D$53)&" -"
Yields the following results:
                       - 3 -
If want cell B144 of Tab2 to increment this number by 1.
If the Tab2 report is three pages long, there could be a value in B217!  If so, I would want the resulting value in B217 incremented by 1.
Subsequently, reports under Tab3 or generally 2, 3 or 4 pages long.  
I want cell B69 of Tab3 to test for a value in Tab2, cell B17.  If there is a value there, increment by 1.
If not value in cell B217 of Tab2, Test, then increment the value of cell B144 of Tab2 by one and show that value in B68 of Tab3.  If there is no value in B144 of Tab2, then increment the value which appears in B69 of Tab2.
NOTE: There will always be at least on page under Tabs 2, 3 and 4 and that page number always appears in B69 in the respective Tabs.
I cannot do this with VBA.  That is beyond my expertise.
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IT Manager
I've done some work on this in your other open Q, which seems on first inspection, to be very similar.

Could you answer my questions there, please?  I think we'll need to understand that one before we can move anywhere else.
Bill GoldenExecutive Managing Member


Excellent solution.  Building on that solution to accomplish another task.