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Forwarding AOL Email to Exchange Office 365

We have a client with an AOL email account and a Gmail account. We are setting this user up in Office 365 with an email address in an Office 365 that will go to a vanity domain. The short-term goal is to have all her email go to her Office 365 inbox. Longer term, the AOL and Gmail accounts will be removed.

Gmail allows mail forwarding so that is easy. AOL mail however does not allow forwarding (really!), so this is a problem. While I think I could have Office 365 read the mail out of AOL using IMAP, it would check only once an hour, which is not ideal.

There is also some third-party software on the local system that copies mail from AOL to Gmail so she does not have to look at both, but we would like to get rid of that over time.

Has anyone here come up with a better way to get mail from AOL to Office 365/Exchange?

Thanks... Tony
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