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ColdFusion Administrator problem?

jdthedj asked
I have a problem which is hard to find where the issue lies.

I have a page which should be centered on the screen (see attached), but in IE it appears at the left of the screen - in Firefox it behaves correctly.  Normally I would suspect CSS, but I copied the whole site to my own computer running the developer instance of ColdFusion and the page displays correctly.

I have compared all the settings in CFAdmin between both CF instances and I cannot find any material differences.

I don't know where else to look?
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Have you tried toggling the compatibility view setting in IE?

 This link is for IE 11, but you can switch to whatever version that you're using:


Thanks Lajuan - that appears to fix the problem, but it has only just started happening, so I'm thinking it may have been a M$ update that tipped things over.