Intel Storage Utility: REBUILD TO THIS DISK "The selected disk is not large enough to be used for this rebuild action. Insert a larger disk"

Software: Intel Storage Utility 4.5 (4.5.6515)
OS: Windows XP SP2
Hard Drives:
2nd HD NON-RAID (I need it to be in RAID1 with 1st HD) : WDC-WD800JD-75MSA3 (BRAND NEW OUT OF PACKAGE)

Connected 2nd HD above to computer and started so that I could get the 2nd to be a REBUILD to the RAID1 Array to replace a failed HD.

Get the message " "The selected disk is not large enough to be used for this rebuild action. Insert a larger disk" when I right click on the 2nd HD and select "Rebuild to this disk"

When I right click on the 1st HD in Windows Explorer and choose Properties is says the capacity is 74.5gb. The 2nd HD shows 74.4gb. There is nothing on the 2nd HD except the System Volume Information that shows up after a format. FYI: I got the same rebuild error before the drive was formatted also. (Just raw new drive inserted)

Using SeaTools for DOS I tried to use the advanced features to "Set Capacity to MAX NATIVE". This said is was successful, but when I tried to rebuild again with Intel Storage Utility Software in windows, I received the same error. I then went back into SeaTools and drive the same process again, but it got an error the 2nd time.

I also noticed, while in SeaTools for DOS, that the Capacity for the 1st HD read: 80.026gb and the 2nd read 80.000gb.

So, what can I do to get this to work for a rebuild?

Zion PhilPresidentAsked:
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cause : it may have some bad blocks

shrink the partition on the first drive by 1 GB - then try again
you can use any partition manager; i use bootit-BM  for this :  
download it, and make the boot cd - and boot from
do NOT install it on disk - hit Cancel
now select partition work - and your partition
select resize, and put in 1 GB less size
 that's itt
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Changing the partition size won't have any impact on a RAID setup.

You need to actually change the size of the disk.   I'd use the free HDAT2 utility to do this [ ]

First, use the SetMax function in HDAT2 on the NEW hard drive to see if for some reason it's not currently set correctly.    Then see if that works.

If not, you'll need to very slightly reduce the size of the first disk so the disks match.   Before you reduce it, be sure to shrink the current partition to a slightly smaller size than you're going to make the disk [For this you can use Boot-It as suggested above].    Then you can use SetMax to specify the new size.

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you can also test the drive - and swap it out if it is bad
Zion PhilPresidentAuthor Commented:
This solution did not work. I ordered and used another drive close to the spec of the current drive and that worked.
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