what programming fields have the most future potential?

I am learning programming but am wondering what programming fields have the biggest future potential. If you were to teach a class programming for their future careers, what field of programming would you teach them for the most chances of future employment. I really just don't want to risk working in a programming field that's already overcrowded. What type of programming will grow in demand for the future?

Me and my friends keep debating it and we are trying to get a final answer so if you work in the field and have a good idea then please let me know.
Alan RodgersAsked:
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Mark BullockQA Engineer IIICommented:
There is a lot of demand for Java developers now, especially for web applications.
Also lots of demand for good UI developers, especially if you know css and JavaScript.
You probably have lots of apps on your phone, so there's that too.
You can try contributing to some open source projects or developing something you're interested in.

You will probably change programming languages once or twice in your career and technologies many times, so don't worry too much.

Focus now on good coding habits.
Alan RodgersAuthor Commented:
good thx.
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